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Volunteering, What Odd fellowship is all about.
three links, the emblem of oddfellowship, standing for Friendship, Love, and Truth

"Odd Fellows make a pledge to 'visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan' when they join the Order."
(from the Massachusetts Grand Lodge Website)

Our members help regularly and one "heads up" the Holiday Meals served in 2009 and 2010 at the Commerce High School Cafeteria, State Street, Springfield, MA

Below are some pictures altered from photos that were shot by Steve Penna and you can view all of Steve's pictures by clicking here.


Christmas-dinner small images of lodge members and guests This is our Treasurer, Bob Maurice, with Allison, the new Director of Open Pantry Here our Vice Grand, Steve Wine is listening to a person's story Our Secretary, Wes Browning, is getting gloves on and ready to feed the hungry people Our Chaplain, Charlie Knight, sits in a hallway and directs people to the mens and woman's rest rooms while reading a good book on the Linux operating system Children and a happier time during this holiday season for the poor, homeless and needy is what this meal is all about. Mike, the DJ, tell Allison, the Open Pantry Director, about the musical background selections for the meal Bishop Timothy McDonnel link to his website. Director Allison Maynard tells of challenges in a link to a cbs-springfield-3 story Allison Beatty Maynard is interviewed by Chanell 22 News Channell 22 talks of this dinner and other meals for the needy at Christmas time

On this day we fed almost one thousand hungry, homeless, and needy people.
Some meals went to "shut ins" and other food went to a "movie night" and any "left over" food was used
in the Loaves and Fishes Kitchen which provides two meals a day all year long.


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